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- story by MaterialDistrict

Climatex Lifecycle a compostable upholstery fabric. One of its most essential constituents is ramie fibre, which, when mixed with wool, makes a product well suited to soaking up and dissipating moisture for climate control seating comfort. Residual scrap utilisation has gone to show that the fabric is biodegradable with all of its chemical constituents. Waste material from weaving can be converted into felt to be subsequently used as nonwovens for upholstery work or as a mulch in gardening.

For the production, the various manufacturing stages had to be ecologically revamped, for instance in order to do eliminate the sizing of the warp and other loads on the environment. Large efforts were made to test dye chemicals for ecological safety. Although a mere 16 out of 1600 available dye chemicals lived up to the rigid specs, almost all colour variations are possible, except black.

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