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Climatex LifeguardFR is a biodegradable upholstery fabric containing virgin wool and LenzingFR. (FR = flame resistant) LenzingFR is a special viscose fiber derived from wood that incorporates a flame resistant substance throughout the cross section of the fiber. Because the flame resistance is embodied in the fiber, it ensures permanent protection because it cannot be removed by washing or abrasion.
Climatex LifeguardFR is Cradle to Cradle Gold Certified. The fabric is not only biodegradable, but measures have been taken to improve the ecology of the manufacturing process, such as eliminating the sizing of the warp. The fabric dyes were thoroughly tested for ecological safety. Although only 16 of 1600 available dyestuffs passed the rigid specification, almost all color variations are possible except black.
Climatex LifeguardFR is extremely breathable and highly efficient in moisture and temperature control and has been designed to provide maximum seating comfort and safety, and the design is targeted at transportation applications.

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