Cod Leather


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Leather made from the cod is an unusual mix of fine and coarse textures.
The scales of cod leather are slightly finer than those of the salmon, but the surface texture is more varied – mostly smooth but with definite coarse patches. Likewise, the palette of cod leather is nuanced with delicate gradations of hue.

Cod has been caught for food along Iceland’s coast for centuries, and today it is Iceland’s most common marine export. Cod is popular among gourmets the world round, for example the salt cod used in Portuguese bacalao.

The length of cod leather hides is between 40 and 50 cm and the shape is unique. Cod leather hides are triangular: widest at the neck, 12-15 cm and tapering back towards the tail. Average size is 0.6 square feet.
Cod leather can be dyed in any number of diverse tones.

Cod leather is available in two types of finish: open scaling, which creates a coarse finish, and closed scaling, which delivers a fine finish. A full range of surface treatments is possible with either type of finish.

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