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CON-Cover offers a surface solution for a wide variety of technical demands. Examples include pure polypropylene foils, bi and tri-laminates with a textile coatings or textile molded parts. The textile foils are also used in modern vehicle construction and for non-automotive applications such as high-quality coated carpets or other textiles.

Positive material properties of different plastics (e.g. PP, TPO) are combined by the co-extrusion process. Thus, requirement compliant products are efficiently produced. CON-Cover can be used and further processed in a variety of ways.

Delivered as a reel with a maximum width of 2,500 mm, CON-Cover brings positive properties to the finished product. Whether as semi-finished products or as a three-dimensional cover.

Material advantages of CON-Cover include a high-quality surface and appearance, durability, recyclable, lightweight, corrosion and weather resistant, flame retardant possible and many surface variations (eg. textile, TPO).

This material can be thermally molded into parts for passenger vehicle interiors or storage components or trunks and is available in PP foils with different sources. Additional areas of use are as a durable floor covering in living and offices areas, surfacing for load floors on buses and commercial vehicles, floor mats for the automotive or home sectors with anti-slide equipment.


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