Concrete skin


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- story by MaterialDistrict

An imprint of skin, a bite, wrinkle, scare or scratch. Traces that appear and disappear. These are some characteristics of the samples in this project. Concrete that feels like skin. The smooth hard concrete seems to move under a clear layer of sepia coloured rubber. Structures and wrinkles come and go as skin changes. These concrete samples have been made for outside furniture.

Floor van Doremalen graduated June 2014 from the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Man & Identity department. In this department, she has developed herself as a visual storyteller, textile designer and material explorer. She is fascinated by techniques, structures, textiles, patterns and colours. She creates unknown and surrealistic atmospheres and make them become tangible. Her way of working is intuitive and she is always looking for attractive and tactile textures and colour combinations to create new atmospheres that stimulate the senses and trigger imagination. The result of her work is usually a material or product applied for interior or fashion.

The material is still under development.

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