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- story by MaterialDistrict

The realisation of the glass house Laminate took almost six years. It started with a design contest initiated by the CWL Koopwoningen organisation. The brief was to desigin a dwelling for the “city of glass” Leerdam.
Kruunenberg Van der Erve architects took this brief very literally and designed a dwelling in which glass is removed from it’s traditional role as a transparant division between the inside and outside, and becomes the main constructive material.
The basis of the final construction consists out of 13000 glass plates (floatglass). This building volume was the divided in a broad and narrow section that were consequently hollowed out. The narrow part is a hallway to the sleeping quarters in the broad section of the building. The living quarters, kitchen and patio are situated between the two hollow parts.

Although glass as a constructive building material is not very common yet, this project proves the possibilities of glass beyond it’s traditional role.

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