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Contender Woven Sailcloth


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Always on the lookout for techno-transfer materials, Materia sees design opportunities in these interesting textiles.

Contender Woven Sailcloth is the product of a combination of fiber selection, weave construction, and finishing. These woven fabrics are made from the unique Fibercon® yarns for both cruising and for racing at the highest levels. High tenacity fibers are selected for their strength and UV resistance and are woven on looms specially configured for the dense weaves that define quality sailcloth. Contender Woven Sailcloth is available with three types of finish:

Polypreg medium: Optimized for ease of handling, this durable cloth is ideal for cruising and for traditional sails.

Polypreg firm: Striking a balance between ease of handling and performance, this cloth choice is suitable for many cruiser/racer applications or racing sails where the super-firm Polykote finish is not appropriate.

Polykote superfirm: Optimised for performance, this cloth offers the most stable finish. It is ideal for most racing dinghies and a host of keelboat one-designs.

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