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Contract Base by M.I.D. is a woven flooring that wears like concrete yet still provides the benefits of a textile. It has a high wearing rating class (class 33) and contract fire classification. It is woven with Econyl, a 100% recycled polyamide yarn and features a new SBR-free backing. It is the first carpet backing containing no styrene-butadiene. Instead, the backing is a compound based completely on vinyl acetate ethylene (VAE).

VAE provides a number of advantages to the final product and is a solution for those who are environmentally conscious.

Advantage of this new backing include an absence of odour as using VAE ensures that the characteristic odour of new carpets is now a thing of the past. This backing further offers reduced flammability as tests on films of carpet backing compounds with VAE and SBR showed the VAE films to be far less flammable thant he SBR films. The new SBR-free backing is therefore ideal in commercial locations such as hotels, offices, shops, etc., where fire safety is a high priority.

Finally, lower emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are used to manufacture and maintain building materials, interior furnishings and cleaning and personal care products. These carbon based chemicals evaporate into the air, often in indoor environments. The German Textiles & Flooring Institute GmbH tested both VAE and SBR carpet backings for emissions of VOCs. The emissions of VOCs released by carpets with a VAE backing was shown to be much lower than when using an SBR backing.

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