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Shaped and extruded glass shapes for various uses. This type of glass tubing is ‘non-round’, i.e. prismatic or angled. It uses Conturax® pro, a trademarked glass by the same producer. This glass is made from high-quality Duran® borosilicate glass.

Borosilicate glass has very good thermal qualities. For instance, it has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, and is highly heat resistant. This type of glass is also inert to many common compounds and is frequently used in laboratory environments.

This Schott profile tubing contains three or more angles and is manufactured using a new and patented process. The system uses a continuous, direct-drawing process. This makes it possible to produce large quantities of glass with a uniform, high quality and at an attractive price.

Besides the drawing process, other advantages include a high planarity and surface quality, geometric accuracy for precise working.

A variety of surface finishes, from smooth to profiled tubing, means high transparency combined with thermal shock resistance. The scratch resistant surfaces are tolerant of conventional cleaning agents.

Quantities up to 500kg are available in one go. A range of lengths, shapes and diameters are available. It is also possible to realize customer-specified angles and asymmetrical forms.

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