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CoolConcrete is the harder and tougher alternative within Cooloo’s current material range. This concrete and stone like material is made from +60% recycled material and has low CO2 emissions. It can be applied to flooring, walls, stairs, facades, furniture, tabletops and planters to give it a super cool and industrial look and feel. Due to the use of a slightly flexible and bio-based binder, this hard materials has sturdy and tough properties which makes it applicable for surfaces that endure high tensions and risk of cracking like stairs or seating furniture. Available in multiple colours.

The innovative application technique makes it suitable for new project, but also renovation of old floors, walls, facades and existing furniture in needs of a new and tough look. The fire retardant and UV resistance of the materials makes it applicable in construction and outdoor as well. Check out the Red Bull or Botanic Tower project and see how flexible the material can be applied.

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