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Cooltrax is a high-tenacity net fabric with a specially developed triangular geometry. When the sun shines this structure creates light and shadow fields on the ground that move constantly due to earth rotation. This way, heat accumulation on the ground is prevented. The special triangular geometry is the only pattern ensuring that each point is evenly shaded. Thus sun or shadow stripes are avoided without regard to the material‘s angle to the sun, creating half shadow.

Cooltrax withstands high wind loads and requires only light constructions. It offers a cooling effect due to the material structure which has 50 % of open surface. This prevents heat accumulation underneath. In relation to its open surface Cooltrax has a high level of translucence. It reduces rain noise on dormer windows and sky lights and protects the window material against e.g. hail. Cooltrax is also used indoors, because of its suitability for sprinkler systems. The base fabric of Cooltrax is polyester, the coating is PVC. The flame retardancy is classed B1 Burning Droplets.

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