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Copperant is the most sustainable paint. The entire paint package is made from natural resources instead of the traditional fossil resources. Besides that, the paint itself doesn’t contain any harmful solvents or substances. A paint that puts your and your environment’s well-being first. You will immediately notice this when opening the can of paint because it is just about odourless. Copperant paint has been thoroughly tested and has been awarded numerous certificates. To actually make an impact, a sustainable product shouldn’t be any less than a regular product. In short, you can just paint as you normally would, but now with less of an effect on the environment.

In addition to that it is produced with the use of green energy. By choosing for Copperant you can directly help with reducing the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere, and therefore you also help with preventing climate change as well.

Copperant has a complete range of paints for any kind of painting job. Aside from the biobased wall paints, lacquers, and stains, they also have a mineral wall paint on a basis of only natural resources. The paint characterizes itself through its quick drying, long-lasting protection, pleasant flow, and excellent coverage. For all these reasons many painters as well as employers choose for using Copperant, the greenest paint.

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