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The glass “coppo” curved tile by Seves glassblock: is solution for lighter, transparent roofs. The Coppo tile is meant to blend in with regular roof tiles allowing the passage of light to underlying locations.
With a gently curved form, the “coppo” is characterised by a smooth surface, transparent at the centre, contained between two milled lateral bands that improve the adherence between one element and the other, obtaining a non-slip effect.
The curved tile is a solution for the roofs of public buildings, community spaces, areas for relaxation and for sport, but also for spaces which are more permeable to the surrounding environment.
The glass pan tile is available with a transparent finishing and in different colours.
The material meets all technical and functional requirements.
Technical data:

Dimensions (cm) 17,5x14x44 cm
Weight (Kg) 2,4
N. Pieces/m² 33
Weight/m² (KN/m²) ~0,66

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