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Corium bonded leather


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Corium bonded leather is a natural material, made from scraps of leather, and has a similar look and feel. The material consists of 55% leather scraps, 25% natural latex, 12% grease and natural tanning products, and residual humidity.

The slightly elastic leather has an average elongation of 40%, and a break resistance of 9.9 N/mm2.

Provided in thicknesses from 0.2 mm to 3.0 mm, the bonded leather is a malleable material, resistant and elastic. The material is available in natural, in which the leather fibres are still visible, or embossed and/or printed. It can be supplied painted in more than 1000 finishes in rolls or sheets.

Corium can be used in similar ways as leather, for instance for belts, bags, footwear, book covers, or packaging.

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