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General Corques
Based on resins, linseed oil, wood and cork flour, limestone, cork and natural pigments, Corques Liquid Lino is a flexible linoleum material that can be seamlessly installed with no welds. Liquid Lino is a new material in resilient flooring. One and a half century after Frederick Walton invented the linoleum, Duracryl changed the old concept of a factory manufactured linoleum in rolls and tiles to a liquid poured version of the linoleum which is applied seamlessly on site. The great properties of Corques Liquid Lino matches all the original linoleum characteristics, and add several more.

Sustainable durability
On site, Corques Liquid Lino is poured on the subfloor, where it sets overnight at ambient temperatures to create a seamless durable and natural looking resilient floor. Corques Liquid Lino fulfills the German AgBB requirements for safe indoor usage and is LEED and BREEAM certified. (VOC and PVC free, no plasticizers, no formaldehyde, no chlorine, no heavy metals)


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