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- story by MaterialDistrict

Cowpots are biodegradable flower pots made of cow manure. They are full of nutrients and will disappear when planted into the ground. First the cow poo is pushed into the methane digester. The digester contains tiny microbes that are eating the poo and farting bubbles.

When the microbes are done eating, the manure is processed to where liquids are converted to solids. A tube sucks the gas out and it is then shipped 200 feet to a barn where it is converted into energy. Next is the screw press separator. This is where the poo gets pumped up to the junction box. Inside the box is an auger that turns slowly and causes pressure against a slotted screen that separates the solids from the liquids.

Solids are forced out the end while the liquids are pumped into the holding lagoon. The solids are used to make the compost used for the Cowpots. The temperature of the poo is kept at 103 degrees and the process seems to replicate a cow’s digestive system. The whole operation is like a “mechanical butthole”. Water and other ingredients are added in a mixer. The pots are then moulded and put on a rack in an oven to dry.

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