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This prepatinated metal is a natural material that shapes effortlessly. Low-maintenance, easy to recycle, durable, and elegant. Copper complements glass, metal, stone, wood and brick: about any construction material. Creative Copper by Luvata’s Nordic Systems can be used in outdoor and indoor situations.

Nordic Products are the result of Luvata’s patented industrial processes that allow prepatination of copper sheet from coil at the mill. No chemicals are used to achieve the green colour of the sheets. Maximum width is 1000mm, thicknesses between 0,50 and 1,50mm. Luvata’s production method enables usage of prepatinated copper on coil which provides longer sheets, up to 14 meter. For example in roofs this requires fewer seams and gives a more durable final result. Several finishes of the surface are possible:

Standard: Under natural conditions, it takes years for high-grade copper to acquire a chestnut brown. It takes several years to develop a highly textured, green surface. In this natural state, it never needs servicing or re-treatment.

Nordic Brown: Thanks to its patented process, Luvata can achieve a dark oxidized surface equivalent to natural oxidation before the green patina is expressed. The chestnut brown surface may be allowed to remain, or, when a postpatinated surface is required it can be the basis for the Nordic Green process.

Nordic Green Plus: prepatinated copper which has a green patinated surface comparable to naturally weathered patina. This material offers an immediate green surface in coils or as sheet. Different surfaces are available: Traditional Green and Living Surfaces.

Nordic Decor: Structure-rolled Nordic Decor offers an attractive, versatile alternative to smooth copper surfaces.

Nordic Royal: an alloy of copper, aluminium and zinc, which is very resistant against corrosion. This maintains the characteristic “golden” colour. Nordic Royal has a slightly bigger hardness, but is as easy to shape.

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