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- story by MaterialDistrict

This textile mat is a byproduct of the weaving industry made of repurposed waste selvedges using a bio-based rubber binder.
It is made of 89% Cashmere wool, 11% Polyester.

The weaving of fabric inherently creates tons of blended surplus called selvedges or loom tapes during the industrial weaving process. Used to secure both edges of the main fabric, the selvedges are trimmed on the loom directly. When recycling is not an option, Cutting-Edge offers an alternative for material re-generation to avoid incineration of valuable materials (merino wool, cashmere, silk).

To process the selvedges to the scale of the waste, Jane Wright developed a machine attached to the loom, able to simultaneously wind the selvedges and create new textile while the main fabric is woven. The making process is designed to select and generate evolving combinations of colours and textures using the waste available.

The result of the process is a textile mat that plays with the functionality of textile upholstery and present versatile uses as a seat cover.


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