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D2W is an additive, making normal plastics biodegradable.
The additive looks just like granules, and the plastic bags and other products made with it look just like normal products.
The products which can be made with d2w technology include Shopper-bags, garbage sacks, bin liners, shrink wrap, pallet wrap, bubble wrap, food packaging, gloves, aprons etc.
The purpose of oxo-biodegradable plastic is to address the problem caused by plastic waste which escapes into the open environment, where it could lie or float around for decades, but plastic made with d2w technology will fall into pieces at the end of its useful life – usually within 18 months. The fragments are no longer plastic and have become a material which can be bioassimilated in the same way as a leaf.
Plastic products using d2w additives can be made with normal polymers and normal machinery, so there is little or no extra cost.
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