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Decafé is a composite material made from heat- and pressure-treated coffee grounds. 80 °C  temperature heat resistance, fireproof, non-conductive and strong enough to sand are some of Decafé’s attributes. This material naturally also features the distinctive aroma of coffee.

Decafé is a patented material created by Raúl Laurí and it is the result of a long experimentation process with traditional culinary techniques. The process of creating Decafé is relatively simple: it consist of taking coffee grounds, mixing them with a natural binding substance and then placing the mixture under a heat and pressure temperature transformation process through which it is possible to create a material with enough consistency to be employed in a large range of products. Raúl Laurí has produced a number of objects and product designs with Decafé including a lamp that looks like a coffee cup itself, various bowls and tea light candle holders that enhance the coffee aroma of the material.

Decafé is however not waterproof or suitable for outdoor use as such application would cause this material to lose the smell that makes it so special. Furthermore, because it is not washable, it is also not a material recommended for serving food.

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