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DecorGem® enamelled glass sheets are manufactured through an exclusive proprietary
OmniDecor® technological process: colours are made to penetrate glass at high
Colours, that are melted within glass sheet, guarantee chromatic consistency, are unalterable
over time and allow for new opportunities in coating, partitioning, processing, for both outdoor
and indoor environments.
In grey and anonymous urban settings, new architecture has discovered the strength of
colours, the simplicity of communication entrusted to DecorGem® – a material that is reliable
and unalterable. In indoor settings, whether designed for commercial or living purposes, a
skilful use of chromatisms is an acknowledged source of vitality and well-being. Interior
decorating and product design derive further advantages from DecorGem®, in that it is easy
to process, and therefore adaptable to a wide range of places and spaces, and its surface is
perfectly uniform.
product name: DecorGem®
colours standard collection: ice, forest, fire, desert, ocean
classic collection: rose, turquoise, light-blue, yellow, dotted white
collection 1: nero, ghiaccio, seta, perla, smeraldo, azzurro, blu avio, cobalto,
antracite, cedro, cielo, menta, mandarino, giada, beige, grigio,
rosso (other colours on demand)
description: enamelled opaque or translucid glass sheets, depending upon
basic material: float glass UNI EN 572-2 compliant
available thickness: 4/5/6 mm (collection 1 only 4/6 mm)
sheet size: 200 x 321 cm
weight: 2.5kg/m2 per mm thickness
corrosion resistance: UNI ISO 9227/93 compliant
processing allowed: all mechanical processing, tempering and lamination after
sectioning; PVB lamination on either side

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