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DendroLight Building Block (BB)


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DendroLight building block is made of DendroLight middle layer block and solid wood or plywood decking. Building block combines such properties as light weight, tremendous strength and good heat and sound isolation. Dendrolight Building Blocks could replace different kinds of construction materials. As a lightweight, natural and strong solid wood product, DendroLight building block could be used as e.g. structural wall, floor and ceiling panel. Standard panels are 1300 x 3000 mm, with a thickness of 72 – 224 mm for the middle layer and 18 – 25 mm for the deck.

DendroLight’s technology allows the creation of a wide range of high quality, highly engineered products by using standard and even lower grade timber. The building products minimize the CO2 emissions generated in the production process of building materials. Wood itself is CO2 neutral and in making its products lighter, the production company gains 40% extra saw dust, which is processed into wood pellets for biomass fuel. The raw material is sourced close to the production plant and the lightweight finished products allow Dendrolight to keep transportation emissions down.

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