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This roofing membrane’s raw material is mainly composed of organic substances. In the Derbipure membrane, all bitumen is replaced by vegetal components, including vegetal oils and pine-resins. Bitumen is based on petroleum, a non-renewable, exhaustible raw material. The ecological Derbipure is reinforced with a composite glass/polyester armature, impregnated with a highly reflective acrylic coating. The white top coating leads to a reflection of 81% of solar radiation and thus a passive cooling of the building’s interior and a lower EPC. The coating is pH-neutral, which prevents the environment from being polluted by harmful substances that are transported with rainwater from the roof. The rainwater can be drained off into nature without any risk. This water can also be recycled for sanitary purposes. The roofing membrane is 100% recyclable, and is Cradle to Cradle as well as DUBOkeur certified.

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