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Derbisolar is a watertight roof lining with integrated flexible photovoltaic cells of the type a-Si. The material generates electricity by solar energy.
It is the result of a combination of a durable waterproof membrane called Derbinite NT and amorphous photovoltaic solar crystalline modules. Especially during realistic operating conditions these modules offer a better performance in low and diffuse light, shadow or dirt on the modules.
Derbinite NT is a membrane which is manufactured from a patented bitumen-polymer matrix, making the material fully waterproof. The acrylic coating ensures optimum adhesion for more than 20 years between the membrane and photovoltaic modules with a guaranteed lifetime of 30 years.
The material is perfect for new installations on existing roofs and for projects which need a discreet integration into their surroundings.
The benefits:
It integrates perfectly into the roofing and is invisible from the ground, even on curved surfaces. The material is placed flat on the roof; it casts no shadows and the wind has almost no effect.
The material is almost indestructible; the cells are enclosed by plastic, not glass, thus making it durable and reliable.
The material is less sensitive to shading: Bypass diodes in each cell can balance the production of the panel when it is partially shaded.
The material requires no perforation or extra ballast because there is no metal structure used for the placement.
The material is light and flexible: elements have little impact on the load-bearing structure (weight of the cells: 3.5 kg/m2)
The material has a better performance at low solar radiation or diffuse sunlight through their “Triple Junction” technology

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