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This material is no longer available.

These tiles are made from hard coconut shells using a patented processing method. The shells consist of about 50% lignin (natural vegetable resin), which gives it great resistance to decomposing or rotting and also insect attack.

Ekobe has designed 3 series; AOBA line (previous publish under ’plain’ coconut tiles) AOBA Elements line and Membira line (both with a unique design like appearance)
The material is available in several surfaces, such as:
Photo 1: PCN3O Ag — The mosaics, sized 3 x 3 cm, present a concave texture. The metallic silvered colour revels the natural textures of the coconut shell and grants a metallic look, lighting up some spot light points due to the material’s irregularity.
Photo 3: PCA2O E — Each file present a semi polished black look similar to decades of usage. Each mosaic has the size of 2cmx2cm.

EKOBE uses vegetable matter that has already fulfilled its function in nature. It is an environmental sustainable product as the trees from which their products originate remain alive.

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