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UV Direct Printing (UV-Direktdruck) is a method of Large Format Printing. The main difference to conventional HPL digital printing (water based) is that the ink does not penetrate into the material, but is a layer on the material to be printed. This makes it possible to print on almost any material. The Direx digital direct printing method provides sharp, brilliant prints, millimeter accurate with no shrinkage. Printing of the colour white is possible; also monochrome surfaces are possible without the danger of streaking. Westag & Getalit offers the Direx digital direct printing method with GetaLit elements in several materials: chipwood, aluminium, foamboard and acrylic. The chipwood element is 13 to 19 mm thick, laminated on both sides with the top printed and coated. The aluminium composite panel is 3 to 5 mm thick and top printed. The foamboard is a 3 to 5 mm tick, light substrate panel with top print. The 5 to 6 mm thick acrylic panels offer translucent support material, printed directly on the back side. All types of panels are suitable for vertical interior use.

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