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Divine (Dischroic) Tiles


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This material is no longer available.

The Dichroic Tiles of the Divine glass collection tiles have a colour spectrum that shifts from one end to the other. With an interesting chameleon transition these tiles appear to be different colours when viewed from different angles.

Available with both smooth and textured surfaces. The smooth tile is flat on the surface but provides more depth as you look through the glass at the colour below. The textured version has even more refraction of light, resulting in added colour variation much like a prism “bending” the light.

The square tiles are available in (Inches): 1″ x 1″, 2″ x 2″, 4″ x 4″. The rectangular tile sizes are 1″ x 8″ and 2″ x 8″.These thick glass tiles are suitable for wall applications, table top, counter tops and more.

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