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The micro-capsules in this Dreamfield textiles release their fragrance steadily and gradually upon stimulation, and throughout the lifespan of the textile.

Encapsulation is the containment of various substances within a coating or membrane. This mini container of just 3 to 8 microns, made from melamine resin, protects the fragrance from dehydration, oxidation and contamination, which explains the durability throughout the lifespan of the product. The encapsulation technique ensures that instead of being released all at once, the fragrances are released gradually upon contact or gentle rubbing. This steady and controlled release process prolongs the effect and prevents an overdose of the encapsulated products. The fragrances are thereby released in exact doses, never in excess. This fragrance release can only be triggered by stimulation: this means by rubbing, not by pressure alone.

Example fragrances like Camomile, has both calming and stimulating properties. It provides exactly what we need to sleep well in today’s world: it relaxes us and relieves us from the stress of the day gone by, and restores our energy so we can wake up refreshed and ready to start the new day. Lavender has been esteemed for its superbly stimulating and soothing effect. Lavender is also an antiseptic and a moth repellent.

Vanilla; after saffron and cardamom, the vanilla pod is the third most expensive spice in the world. Vanilla originates from Mexico where it was used by the Aztecs to flavour their favourite drink, xocolati – the world’s first chocolate beverage. The Aztecs not only prized it for its flavour but also for its aphrodisiac qualities. These were reported in a German study carried out in 1762 which found that medication based on vanilla extract was effective in treating sexual impotency. The 342 smiling ‘patients’ claimed that they had been cured……..True or not true, the vanilla fragrance is associated by many of us with a feeling of blissful and serene well being.

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