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DreamGlass®, is an “intelligent” glass, that, at the touch of a switch, instantly changes the state from translucent to transparent and vice versa. DreamGlass® provides you with privacy and safety without having to be deprived of the natural sunlight. It perfectly allows light to pass through, but in translucent state reduces luminosity and blocks 98% of UV rays. The use of DreamGlass® is very extensive; in shop windows, homes, offices and places of leisure.
DreamGlass® can be controlled by:
– A simple ON/OFF switch.
– With an intensity regulator, which allows you to control the transparency of DreamGlass® as you desire.
– With a remote control.
DreamGlass® Specifications:
Colours (in off position): Clear (Milky white), and others (Please consult).
Sizes: Any available size up to a maximum: 980mm (width) x 3000mm (height)
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