Dukta Flexible Wood


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- story by Frans Gommans BV


DUKTA flexible wood is a unique and patented product. By means of milling, flexibility is created in wood and wood-like materials. When will you incorporate “Dukta® – flexible wood” in your designs?

In the last years, Gommans has seen a growing number of designers and architects from the Benelux implement “Dukta® – flexible wood” in their designs. They confirm what Gommans has always believed in: “Dukta® – flexible wood” fits perfectly into any design.

DUKTA flexible wood can be produced from different materials such as DUKTA (coloured) MDF, possibly provided with a veneer top layer or a lacquered surface, birch plywood, bamboo, multi-layer solid wood, etc. In addition, variation of the groove and groove distance is possible. The basic models are Linar, Sonar, Foli and Janus. A number of variants are shown in the projects shown.

Even though the design aspect is often foregrounded, the acoustic function brings enormous benefits. Testing institutes commend that acoustic function. How enthusiastic will your client’s response be, when you incorporate “Dukta® – flexible wood” in your design too?

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