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Ekotex Hygiene is a complete wallcovering system with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. This material contains no harmful substances and is KIWA certified. Each year in the Netherlands, 2,000 patients die as a consequence of poor hygiene in the health care sector. In response, Ekotex Hygiene ensures higher hygiene standards.

Aside from excellent durability, Ekotex Hygiene glass fibres in combination with Ekotex quality coatings offer many cost-saving benefits within medical environments. Cost savings, along with hygiene standards are becoming ever more stringent within the care sector.

This Ekotex system is seamless, an important point in achieving a hygienic surface as no dirt is left behind. Ekotex wall finishing systems are also impact resistant, easy to clean, fire resistant and offer a flexbible choice of colour

For each space, there is a suitable system that meets the functional requirements of the room in question. The requirements of a space can be translated into the requirements of the coating, such as resistance disinfectants, chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, etc. This type of performance cannot be achieved with any standard wall paint.
Ekotex Hygiene fits the performance requirements of sustainable building and meets guidelines for BREEAM and the reuse of materials. Additionally, Ekotex is not made from fossil fuels. With limited financial resources, an optimal sustainable wall finish is achievable.

Ekotex Hygiene is pigmented and painted. Three attractive designs are available: smooth, fine and medium. Left unfinished, these glass fibre wallcoverings are opaque and white, therefore, in most cases they can be finished with one coat of paint. Ekotex Hygiene achieves outstanding technical and ecological properties. This material is in accordance with DIN EN 13501-1: 2007, certified for fire protection, meets Class b-s1, the high quality Ökotex Class 1, BREEAM and KIWA standards.

Ekotex Hygiene mainly consists of natural material quartz sand, which is melted down to glass, from which a yarn is spun. It possesses an anti-microbial and anti-fungal component. The glass fabric wallpaper has a minimum life of 30 years and can be repeatedly painted. Because Ekotex Hygiene is antibacterial, it is ideal for use in healthcare, hospitality, hospitals and the education sectors. The antibacterial effect remains at least 10 years. Even during maintenance with normal wall paint, Ekotex Hygiene retains its active antibacterial properties.

Because of the different designs and combinations with various finishing systems, Ekotex glass fibre wallcoverings are designed in different ways. With this unique combination of technical and aesthetic characteristics, Ekotex is thus suitable for interior design applications in both commercial and private projects.

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