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Electroluminescent Panel

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Electroluminescent Parallel Panels (EL Panel) are made of a multi layer material containing fluorescent dyes, dispersed in a binder with a high electrical constant. When an alternating current (AC) is applied, the EL Panel emits light.
EL Panels are screen printed layers with the outer surfaces being electrodes and the inside layers containing the luminescent material. The top electrode film is transparent to allow the light to be emitted through the surface.
EL Panels emit light from 50VAC and increase in brightness with higher voltage up to 200VAC. The frequency should be over 50Hz. Brightness increases with higher frequency up to 1000Hz. However we recommend using frequencies in the range of 400-600Hz and voltages of no greater than 160VAC, otherwise the parallel panel life will rapidly deteriorate.
EL Panels are energy efficient and keep a low temperature. They are ultra thin, flexible, vibration and shock resistant, and are easily cut to the desired shape with scissors or craft knife. The light source illuminates uniformly and without glare. The design can be made to illuminate different sections independently.
EL Panels are available in Aqua and White, in various standard paper sizes:
A2 609 x 435 mm, A3 435 x 317 mm, A4 312 x 230 mm, Y1 415 x 135 mm, with larger and custom sizes are available on request.
Bespoke/Custom printed EL Panels are available for complex cutout designs created by advanced screen printing techniques using electroluminescent phosphors.
EL Panels can be animated for point of sale, advertising applications, retail display etc. Different sections of EL are printed and a custom programmed inverter operates the EL panel to make the EL glow, it is sequenced to turn each printed area on as required. Full colour overlays are printed to cover the EL, letting the printed EL areas shine through in sequence. Because EL is paper thin, animated EL is ideal for applications where other technologies cannot be used.

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