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The elliptical shapes that enhance the Elisse glass panels diffuse the light and create intriguing effects. The textured glass has a transparent finish. Ellisse can be tempered for safety en increased impact resistance. The glass panels can be used for interior and exterior applications. A high level of opacity is possible when using the Berman Coating opaque color treatment. Three levels of privacy are available: clear, frosted and opaque. Elisse can be custom fabricated and shape cut, but the size of each panel will be restricted by the size of the ellipses. Each ellipse is 584 mm high. Panels are available up to 1346 mm x 2635 mm. Ellisse can be used for dividing walls, door inserts, office partitions, shower doors, furniture, sculpture, lobby panels as a focal point, sliding doors, building cladding, et cetera.

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