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This material is no longer available.

Environ biocomposite is a solid board product that utilizes a bio-based technology and is made from recycled paper-products and rapidly renewable agricultural resources. This material offers an appearance with the warmth and feel of an exotic hardwood. No out-gassing solvents are added during the manufacturing process, thus the material emits no VOCs into the atmosphere.
Color and random textural pattern run throughout the thickness of the material. The material cuts, sands, routes and finishes similar to a fine hardwood. Laser routing/inlay methods used in fine woodworking are also possible.
Like wood, Environ® must be sealed and finished to repel stains and moisture. At 1-1/2 times the density of oak, Environ® is very strong and extremely impact resistant in its unfinished state.
Four foot by eight foot panels are manufactured in various thicknesses. Environ® can be used where the appearance of granite and the workability of wood are desirable.
Applications include commercial and residential furniture, store fixtures, table surfaces, horizontal and vertical surfaces (transaction surfaces and interior decorative wall applications), cabinetry, architectural applications and more. please note that this material is intended for commercial and residential interior applications only.

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