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Esb Plus elka strong board


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For all timber builders, elka offers the premium board esb Plus – the qualitative answer for healthy building and living. It is the first wood-based board on the German market to meet the high requirements of the stricter Blue Angel guidelines (version 1.1.2017) and the first and only wood-based board to be recommended in the low-emission Sentinel Haus Portal since 2016. The board was awarded the international innovative prize of the Iconic Award 2017 Winner and the Material Award 2018 in the Ecology category.

Esb Plus meets the high requirements of the MVVTB (Musterverwaltungsvorschrift Technische Bestimmungen) for wood-based materials and was also the first board to be certified with the DIBT certificate.

Another new feature is the possibility of processing as a sarking board N+F for the roof area in accordance with the ZVDH regulations/Cologne. It thus offers unique application possibilities. The esb product family produced exclusively by elka are the first climate-neutral certified wood-based boards on the German market in 2021. It has a whole range of advantages over OSB board and it is an ecological & sustainable building product “Made in Germany”.

Technological advantages

  • Flexural strength and E-modulus the same in both directions
  • Higher transverse tensile strength than OSB (approx. 40% higher)
  • Lower swelling than OSB
  • Can be used as a sarking board N+F according to ZVDH/Cologne

Application advantages

  • Very bright surface and excellent optics
  • Native fresh wood without odour emission
  • Complies with IPPC standard ISPM No. 15 for wooden packaging
  • Ground surface and, therefore:
  • Application of adhesives, paints and varnishes possible
  • Largely open to diffusion
  • Almost closed surface
  • Natural wood character
  • High accuracy of fit

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