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Essemplex is a fully formable, thermoplastic shape memory polymer (SMP) resin. Like other thermoplastics, the polymer is easily processed into memory shapes using conventional methods.
Once formed, the polymer exhibits shape memory properties. There are two versions of Essemplex, with SMP activation temperatures of 34°C and 43°C.
The material is supplied in pelleted form. The SMP heating and reshaping process can be repeated without loss of the memory shape or degradation of the material.
Features and Benefits:
– reconfigurable
– formable
– versatile design options
– compatible with conventional processing methods such as: Injection molding, Thermoforming, Extrusion
Possible Applications :
– Custom molds
– Toys
– Furniture
– Architectural elements
– Smart fasteners
– Switchable mounting brackets
– Mass-produced consumer goods
– Custom grips and handles
– Auto body parts
– Customizable, reusable molds

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