Ever Air Pass


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Everest utilises foam coating and lamination technology combined with water-based resin to develop this product. The fabric has high air and moisture permeability, and feels soft and comfortable. This product has ultra-high air permeability, which is much better than micro-porous lamination fabric. Ever Air Pass’s greatest characteristic comes from the special continual micro-porous structure, and this technology can be applied to elastic fabric process.

The three-layer-fabric stays warm and keeps you dry. The outside is synthetic fabric, the middle layer is a functional coating and the inside is an aesthetic lining. The material has good perspiration transformation and pleasant fleecy sensation against the skin.


  • solvent free and Blue sign approved
  • high air and moisture permeability
  • two-way/four-way stretch fabric
  • wind-snow and rainproof
  • keep warm, soft and comfortable feeling.
  • Normal woven fabric, knitting fabric.
  • High air and moisture permeability (A/P value:1~20 ft3/ft2/min)


  • Skiing sportswear
  • Casual wear
  • Equestrian

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