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United Kingdom

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- story by MaterialDistrict

MUUNA is an experimental ‘materials’ studio that aims to push the boundaries of textile design beyond the traditional. The studio also produces seasonal collections of directional swatch designs for industry. MUUNA presents visionary textile concepts with a specialised focus on woven and embroidery techniques.

Artificilae/Matter is a speculative project in which science has been harnessed in an alchemic fashion, to synthesise amalgamated matter, yielding new dimensions of material. Crystals are grown from woven and embroidered fabric to create mineral surfaces of cultivated embellishment. This treatment of material aims to shed a new perspective on the future of the development of textiles.

The embroidery collection uses embroidery stitch, laminating, weaving, bonding, applique, laser-cutting, hand painting, fabric and yarn manipulation to create unique textiles, often with a 3D effect.

On the photos you can see three examples of MUUNA’s capabilities. The circle sequin fabric is hand cut, patinated steel mesh that has been hand embroidered. Secondly, there is a piece of handwoven and manipulated fabric that has been crystallised. Lastly, you can see cut leather that has been embroidered to create a 3D fabric sample in a gradient design.


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