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Febrik makes designed textiles – 3D, flat and stretch – for several purposes. Featuring knitted fabrics that are made of wool, each textile is distinctive in terms of tactile appeal and performance. Textile designs within Febrik’s collection include Sprinkles, Razzle Dazzle, Uniform Mélange and Triangle.

Designed by Bertjan Pot, a close-up inspection of the multi-layered, knitted textile Sprinkles reveals a kaleidoscopic gathering of coloured dots. Looked upon from a distance, the colours are subdued by a subtle abstraction. The dots appear to alter in colour depending on the perspective of the spectator.

Razzle Dazzle is designed by Sylvain Willenz and is named after the camouflage painting technique that inspired its pattern of intersecting lines. This textile is notable for a bold graphic contrast that has a resemblance to the Dutch polder landscape as seen from the sky. Razzle Dazzle is available in three variations: two-tone contrast, mélange and plain colour – each of which imbues a distinctive effect.

With a smooth appearance and compliant nature, Uniform Mélange is available in a range of refined colour tones. When applied as upholstery, the fabric adapts to fit countless shapes without resistance. Due to the textile’s inherent stretch, seams are reduced to a bare minimum.

And finally, featuring a padded, geometric 3D structure, Triangle by Bertjan Pot is soft and vivid and available in a versatile range of warm and cool hues.

All fabrics are on stock and available in lengths from 1 m.

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