Fibralux biobased


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Said to be the first – and only – on the market, this is an MDF board consisting of 100% reclaimed wood and vegetable glue. The bio-glue is made from locally grown renewable raw materials: sunflowers and rapeseed plants, and produced locally so that the total CO2 emissions for the production of the glue are reduced by 80%. The vegetable glue is made from residues from the agricultural industry. This means that no agricultural land becomes agricultural land
used solely for the cultivation of the raw materials for the glue.

The vegetable glue adds no additional formaldehyde is to the sheet material. Consequently, Fibralux Biobased panels do not emit more formaldehyde than solid wood: up to 10 times less than the EU standard (E1).

This MDF panel is made from 100% reclaimed wood: wood and wood waste that is no longer useful and would be otherwise burned. More specifically, this product is made from wood sourced from residual flows from the timber industry and wood from sustainable forest management and roadside maintenance.

Fibralux Biobased is suitable for industrial processing, interior design and furniture production. The record can
be painted or finished with paper, foil, melamine, veneer or HPL.

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