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The combination of natural wood veneer with the application of relief finishes to the surface has resulted in Fibranatur TEX, a board that combines the warmth and naturalness of wood with a surprising finish as a result of technological innovation.

This black coloured panel (Fibracolour Negro E-Z) is covered on both sides with the same type of wood and offers a dimensional texture on the top. Selected natural wood veneer is used in it and this makes it extremely suitable for use in vertical decoration, furniture fronts, paneling, etc. The back uses veneer of the same type as the engraved surface, with a more varied and irregular texture.

Fibranatur TEX is an ideal product to be used in different applications:

  • Interior design
    Panels, screens
  • Technical solutions
    Production of acoustic elements and moldings, relief effects, product design
  • Design
    Decorative elements in rooms, hotels, etc. and decorative coverings
  • Furniture
    Living, children’s and office furniture
  • Commercial spaces
    Counters and display cases

The Fibranatur TEX range exists of different textures pressed in the veneered black MDF boards. The veneers used for this product are sophisticated and trendy oak and walnut veneers.

Available textures are: Fuji, Mojave and Veta. Check for all information about the different textures.

Material Properties