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Decorative Spruce 3-S Fineline Panels by Tilly are sophisticated spruce panels with a subtle Japanese-like expression. Fineline Panels are used in furniture, construction as a nonload bearing panel in interiors, such as wall and ceiling claddings, staircases, exhibitions and shop fitting applications.

Each spruce Fineline Panel is structured like a 3-layer solid wood panel. Both faces consist of laminated veneer lumber with vertical, black glue joints. The result is a unique, finely lined and decorative surface with a dimension of 5000 x 2050 mm, available thicknesses of 19 / 26*/ 42* mm (*on request) and the fine-line surface on both sides of the panel.

The construction of the panel is protected by a design patent. The glues used are MUF and PF and the moisture content on leaving the factory warehouse of u = 8 ± 2% complies with classification SWP/1 and SWP/2 according to EN 13353. A structurally protected outdoor use in classification SWP/3 is also possible after appropriate protection.

Fineline Panels achieve Formaldehyde Emission Class E1 (formal-dehyde tested at ≤ 0.07 ppm according to EN 717-1).

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