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Finex 3D


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FINEX is a specially structured stretch fabric created by joining two sheets of fabric, one for the inside and the other for the outside, with the ROICA spandex bare yarn.
It is produced in varying thicknesses, ranging from the flat 2-D type to the 3-D type. Its applications are diverse, including clothing and industrial materials.

1. Structural feature

(1) Thickness: 2 mm to 3 mm

2. Fabric features

(1) Compressibility: 30% to 50%; Instant recoverability: 70% or more
(2) Easy to bend and superbly flexible
(3) Resistant to repeated or prolonged compression
(4) A high level of elasticity
(5) Excellence in air permeability based on large hollows in the middle layer

The adoption of spandex in the spacer (joining section) gives the fabric the ability to recover and keeps flat and smooth surface of the fabric.

The spacer supports high air permeability and facilitates product development in clothing and many other fields. Despite its 3D structure, it has a very soft feel and a high level of bendability and flexibility

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