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- story by MaterialDistrict

The foundations of Venice consist of thousands of timber poles, driven into the lagoon’s caranto layer – a mixture of solid clay and sand situated at great depths. In spite of everything, Venice continues its fight against the muddy ground and ever increasing water levels. The wood used in the Bricola collection, which is sculpted by water, salt, shipworms and time, is a tribute to this epic submarine struggle that has transcended millennia. Alcarol has patented a patient craftsmanship capable of filling only the empty spaces of the wood with a transparent resin and capturing the underwater air bubbles that bring the wood back to its original look and conditions. By filling the gaps left by shipworms with resin, Alcarol achieves a new functionality with the poetic choice to bring the material beneath the water’s surface, freezing time at the end of its cycle and giving it a new life before it goes to waste.

Adopting the concept of re-utilisation, FishEye is created with a view to the aesthetic value of the timber of the historical poles that have endured decades of weathering in the canals of Venice. During their stay in the Laguna, these oak logs are deeply sculpted by Teredo Navalis, shipworms that leaves traces of their passing on the wooden surface producing striking patterns of circular holes, whilst avoiding the inner core of the log, allowing it to maintain its health and strength. This creates a beautiful contrast between outer decay and inner robustness.

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