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Flexene is a composite material combining lightweight and energy efficient materials. The core is a laminate of fire retarded, closed cell expanded insulating polystyrene with a high strength alkali resistant fibreglass interlayer mesh. Both surfaces are grooved to allow bending and twisting.
It can be bent or twisted into almost any shape or configuration to go beyond plain flat surfaces to form simple or complex shapes, compound forms or sculptural elements. Walls, ceilings, cladding and fascias can be economically constructed in curved, contoured, undulating or patterned shapes.
– It is lightweight and extremely strong.
– It can be curved into convex, concave and compound shapes.
– offers thermal and sound insulation characteristics (low thermal conductivity).
– It is environmentally friendly, can be easily recycled, producing minimal waste, no CFCs
or HCFCs and does not support bacterial growth.
– Flexene is suitable for internal or external applications. It is a lining and cladding substrate suitable for walls, partitions, ceilings, fascias, facades and sculptural elements
The sheets are 25mm thick, 1.2m x 0.84m and are lightweight, non-loadbearing and easily fixed to the Flexene adjustable framing system or other engineered structure.
It is coated with a reinforced layer of polymer-modified render (plaster) and can be finished in a wide variety of surface coatings, from a rendered “sandy” finish to a smooth shining plaster surface in any colour.

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