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Fluor Band


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The artistical roots of Regine Schumann of Cologne lie in paint art, but at the end of the eighties she is not painting classical panels anymore. She is exploring new forms of enabling colours on a life of its own. In 1991 she discovers the charm of phosphorescent devotional objects. From this time Regine Schumann works with fluorescent materials like Plastilight strings, which she has crocheted, as well as transparent coloured acrylic glass, PVC square bar steel and Lumilux pigments on aluminium or paper.

Since 1998, Regine Schumann uses blacklight to illuminate her works, sometimes artificially darkening the entire exhibition space to show her work under these special light conditions. In her art projects in public spaces, she deals with the architecture of the spaces and shows her talent for bringing spaces, colour and light into interplay with one another.

The Fluor Band is a fluorescent PVC band which Regine Schumann uses quite often, for example in the ‘Colorbox’ and ‘Wasserlauf’, shown at the project page. The manufacturer of this material is Depro in Troisdorf, Germany:

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