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Foamglas is an inorganic safety insulation of hermetically sealed cells, that consists of pure glass (>66% recycled glass). The material is absolutely waterproof, vapour-tight and will not burn, or give off toxic fumes or smoke. It is dimensionally stable, has high compressive strength, and is rot, insect, vermin and acid resistant.

Manufactured only from crushed glass and carbon, with a co-efficient of linear expansion compatible with both steel and concrete, Foamglas fulfills even the most stringent requirements for building physics. For roofs, interior, exterior or cavity walls; under or over concrete and hardcore floors, there is a solution to ensure lifetime performance without degradation.

Foamglas is free of environmentally damaging flame retardants and propellants, no relevant eco-toxic components. It can be re-used as filler in landscaping or thermally insulating granulate.

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