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Foldtex is a composite material based on plywood and different textile surfaces. Plywood as the carrier material (1 to 6 mm thick) is coated with at least one tear-proof layer. Scoring of the material with a CNC milling cutter leaves the flexible layer to act as a hinge; the planar and solid material can be transformed into foldable and moldable structures. In contrast to plywood products, Foldtex allows gently curved features and lines as well. The material combines stability with low weight and variation of its compounds allow for customization. Foldtex-basic consists of approximately 60 to 80% plywood and 15 to 30% canvas. The surface layer can be customized and adding functions by variation of the material, for instance leather, linen, lacquer, et cetera. Additionally, the manufacturing process is suitable for small batches and low material consumption. These material properties and the fabrication process make Foldtex interesting for a wide range of applications.

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