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Fraké Noir


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This fully modified, walnut-like hardwood is suitable for several applications, but mainly used for façade cladding. The hardwood is sourced from Africa and the pattern, black lines and pinholes makes it known as African-Oak. Fraké Noir has a vivid and unique appearance; it gives a building a warm and luxurious appearance.

By thermal treatment Fraké Noir is graded with durability class 1 and therefore perfectly suitable for outdoor applications. The natural appearance of Fraké Noir is applicable in any design and can be personalised with a wide variety of high quality colour finishes. To meet the highest building standards Fraké Noir can be upgraded with a fire-retardant finish.

Fraké Noir is impact resistant and dimensionally stable, making it both practical and versatile. The material is sourced from sustainable managed forests in a way that preserves the natural ecosystem. The production in Bunnik gives Houthandel van Dam the possibility to produce a great diversity of profiles and maintain a consistent quality.

Fraké Noir is:

  • Architectural Freedom
  • A unique appearance
  • Sourced from sustainable managed forests
  • Durability Class 1
  • Dimensional stable
  • Versatile
  • And so much more

Please meet Houthandel van Dam at stand A37 during MaterialDistrict Rotterdam, where they can tell you all about Fraké Noir!

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