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Fun Fur

United States

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Sommers Plastic Products supplies imitation leathers, “pleather”-manmade fake fur, PVC “vinyls,” clear plastics, polyurethane fabrics and materials such as lenticulars, mood material, holograms and more.
The materials are mainly used in the fashion industry, footwear, accessories, luggage and leather goods, but also home-furnishings, wallcovering and upholstery. The latest development includes 21 patterns of Fun Fur, MicroSparkle-a non-flaking glitter material, Lambskin-soft “Pleasure” & “Stretch Pleasure,” and Mood Materials “Living Satin” & “Chameleon Croc.”
Fun Fur has a width of 60″ and a length of approximately 25 yards per roll. It’s made from 80% Acrylic and 20% Polyester and has a Class 1 flammability flassification (CS-191-53).
Applications include: Apparel & Sportswear, Apparel Trim, Belts & Accessories, Guitar Straps, Gloves & Mittens, Hats & Caps, Handbags, Cosmetic Bags, Bank Bags, Portfolios, Athletic Bags, Camera Bags, Gun Cases, Golf Bags, Sporting Goods, Shoes & Athletic Footwear, Store Display & Visual Merchandising, Set Design, Toys, Games, Playthings, Upholstery and Wall Covering.

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